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 You have finally finished writing your ebook, carefully edited it, and are confident there are readers breathlessly waiting for their own copy. So, how do you find a market for your ebook and how do you sell it and makes tons of cash?

One option would be to sell your ebook through an online bookstore. With the increasing sales numbers for purchases of ebook readers there obviously is a demand for original and interesting material. You could try to sell the ebook yourself but why recreate the wheel? You have to ask yourself – are you a writer or a retailer? The online stores are well versed in attracting potential readers to their sites, formatting and translating your ebook for e-reader downloads, and will give your ebook exposure to the masses – all at no initial money out of your pocket.

If your ebook is accepted, the bookstore will expect you to send it as a pdf file complete with cover artwork. If you don’t have a cover, or no knowledge of PDF conversions, most bookstores will offer to do this service for you for a small fee. These fees will vary depending on the store you choose. Commission fees, the cost for selling your ebook through their store, can be as low as 10 percent to as high as 40 percent. It seems that the norm for these fees is approximately 30 percent. For example, if you sell your ebook for ten dollars, while keeping with the 30 percent scenario, the bookstore will give you seven dollars as your earnings and keep three dollars as their commission. This may seem a bit high but you have to remember that they did most of the work in selling the book for you and, most likely, without their help your book would not have sold at all and you would not have made a dime.

Most companies handle all the bookkeeping themselves and will send you a check on a monthly basis or credit your PayPal account. For instance, if you sell ten books in one month at the rates mentioned above, you will receive a check for seventy dollars. This is your earnings for the month from that particular bookstore. Your check may seem small after fees are subtracted but keep in mind that you may sell your ebook on several online bookstores simultaneously, thereby greatly increasing your chance at making a profit.

If you do want to maintain complete control over the sales of your ebook, another option would be to create your own website and promote the ebook yourself. When choosing this option, you will need to set up an account with an online web server to have the ability to accept credit cards, online checks, paypal and other payment methods. You will then need to promote the site by submitting to all the major search engines. It would also be wise to include some articles you have written about the subject of your ebook and submit them to article directories. A keyword-rich article can go a long way in promoting your ebook as it grabs the attention of the search engines and helps to steer traffic to your site.

Many people opt for PPC, (pay per click) advertising campaigns. This method has proven to be quite successful for many authors but do your research first. After you have set up your site, enabled the abilities to accept orders for your ebook, and set up an advertising campaign, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of selling your ebook 24 hours a day.

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 By: Ruth Purple
Whether we admit it or not, as human beings, we love to do something fun and pleasurable, it human nature to want self-gratification. And sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we play games to experience self-gratification. If you really think about it, it really makes sense, we spend our childhood playing games, were they just primers for the games we play as adults? And no matter how we co-exist harmoniously, men and women treat their relationship as a big chess match- strategy moves, counter moves, all designed to keep their opponent off balance. Both men and women are guilty of these games.

This time, however, I am going to share with you the compiled cruel and beastly games women play that drive men crazy. A very important relationship advice for women, whether you are in a committed relationship or not, it’s best to avoid these cruel things women do to men, if you don’t want to scare them away this Halloween season.

Giving away fake numbers. Some girls do this because it easier than telling a man that they’re not interested. This can be a bummer for a boy who had his hopes up and thought he had his “game” on, but when he dialled your number, it’s some Chinese restaurant taking his order.

Emotionally manipulate men. Most guys cannot stand seeing a woman cry, and unfortunately, some females out there intentionally shed a tear or throw a tantrum to get their way. They are undoubtedly, taking advantage of men’s incomprehensible understanding of women’s feelings.

Don’t tell you their relationship status. Some girls enjoy the flirtation and flattery that they let it linger a littler longer.

And just when a man is ready to make a move to ask for her number, she tells him “I have a boyfriend.”

For the sake of free drinks. Some women go out never planning to spend their own money; instead they use their feminine guile to sway guys to buy their refreshments. This is definitely one of the wily things women do to men.

Use you men as spare tire. This is for females who are afraid of confrontations and terrified to be alone. Usually a man is totally clueless what’s going on until she leaves him for another guy. She would hold on to his current lover for a while until she is secured enough to be with her new guy.

Inflict physical violence. Decent men are brought up with the idea that hitting a woman is total no-no! Unfortunately, there are some females out there who take advantage of this. They use this to gain power over a man, because they know that he is not capable of hitting back. Definitely one of the nastiest things women do.

Criticize their men in public. This may be one of the cruel things women do, degrade your man in public and don’t be surprised if he slowly alienates you in his life.

Test their men. This is also one of the things women do that drive men crazy. This is where she usually uses the “if you really love me…” line. She will let you cancel your poker night, your boy’s night-out or whatever your plans are, just to be with her.

Flirts around to make you jealous. Maybe she feels unappreciated or you just had a big fight or she just enjoys seeing that tormented look in your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends are absolutely manipulative.

Withholding sex. A classic, and frequently used, cruel things women do. For most men, sex is like air. So withholding sex to get what you want or punishes him with his transgression is really a dreadful thing to do, no matter how affective it is.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple , is a Relationship and Dating Expert. Conquer Infidelity and Experience a Happier Love Life through her New eBook.

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