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I can’t wait for the warm weather to get here so I can wear shorts, halter tops, and sandals. The temperature soared into double digits the other day which prompted me to dig out my summer wardrobe. I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have long sleeves or a turtle-neck.

My closet is a good size for one person, although I yearn for a closet large enough for me to walk in and stretch out my arms. I didn’t realize just how small my closet had grown over the winter months until I began searching for warm-weather clothes.

Everything from blouses to skirts, dresses and slacks were jammed so tightly I could barely get my hand in between to move them. Shoes, boots and moccasins were heaped in a pile on the floor with the last worn pair resting precariously on top. The overhead shelf threatened to collapse from the weight of sweaters and heavy shirts. I realized I would have to find a way to declutter this mess very quickly or I’d be spending my entire summer either wearing winter duds or buying new clothes. While the latter option sounded tempting, my empty pocket-book quickly put things into perspective.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on organizing my closet and had to come up with a plan where I could spend an afternoon on it and then forget about it. I don’t have the cash to buy a closet organizer and if I did I’d have to hire someone to install it which would postpone my plan for an afternoon’s activity. I was in the mood for clearing away now and knew if I put it off it might be winter again before I got around to it. Domesticity has never been my strong suit.

A week or two before my friend had talked me into buying three large plastic bins with lids. They measure around two feet high by a yard long and maybe eighteen inches wide. I didn’t know what I was going to do with these bins but as they were on sale for half price I bought them and tossed them in my spare room. They were just the thing I needed now to organize my closet.

I placed the three bins side by side on the floor and began purging my winter wardrobe. One bin for sweaters and shirts; another for slacks and skirts; and one for boots and shoes. I was amazed at how quickly my closet emptied. Before I knew it, most of my heavy clothes were neatly folded and ready for when cold weather returned. Just before I snapped the lids on I tossed in a dryer sheet to keep everything smelling fresh.

Now my closet is filled with light-weight summer clothes and I plan on reusing the bins in the autumn when I switch my seasonal clothes.


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